Skinny Magic 5 Trial Packs (10 capsules)
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Energize Your Day! Control Your Appetite!

Fat Burner + Energy + Weight Loss

Real Testimonial

Just after Christmas, my wife and I decided we must lose weight. We started taking Skinny Magic and wow, we stopped getting hungry. It made us thirsty for water, instead of soft drinks. It also did not make us feel shaky. My two daughters noticed the difference and wanted to try Skinny Magic, too. Well, we were all presently surprised. Within 3 months, the 4 of us combined lost over 200 pounds. It absolutely change my youngest daughters life. Christie began to be more out going, enjoying being out with here friends. Skinny Magic has changed us. Thank you Danny, you are truly a God and your Skinny Magic that is.* Christie & her Dad, Collin



Skinny MagicTM is a synergistic blend of ingredients specially formulated to help you lose weight and give you an energy boost. Skinny MagicTM is a unique combination of specialized herbal concentrates, vitamins, and minerals designed to enhance metabolism at the cellular level and give you more energy and help control your appetite.



Combine the New Skinny MagicTM Cleanse with Skinny MagicTM, exercise and eating properly can help you achieve your weight loss goals in no time. Imagine having control over food and cravings and not allowing it to control you plus having enough energy that you actually want to exercise. For most, one capsule of the Skinny MagicTM a day is all it takes. For faster results or if your weight loss is at a stand still try taking two capsules of our new Skinny MagicTM Cleanse at bedtime


Q. How Do I Take Skinny MagicTM? 

Week 1 - Take for 6 Days and have one "Cheat Day" 

Week 2 - Take for 5 Days and have two "Cheat Days" 

Alternate Weeks - Repeat this process alternating weeks until you reach your goal. 

Maintenance - Continue to take Skinny MAGICTM 

for maintenance. Most people take 1/2 as much they were using during 

their weight loss. Skinny MagicTM will help keep your energy level up so you can continue your activity, control your 

appetite and keep your metabolism working at its peak! 

TIPS: The "Cheat Days" are to give your body a rest so you don't build up a resistance to Skinny MAGICTM Enjoy yourself, but eat healthy on your days off and be smart about your choices.


Skinny Magic 5 Trial Packs (10 capsules)

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